With Audio One’s whole home audio installation services, you have the power of music right at your reach. You can now enjoy music passionately and emotionally throughout your home, either through a single sound system or an all-encompassing system that can play distinct music at each location throughout the home, all at the same time.

4 Reasons You Should Get a Whole Home Audio System

Perhaps you just returned from work, or you are readying a family meal or you finally get the time to have your siesta, the presence of music makes your rest more pleasant. Hence, you should never miss a beat with the whole home audio system made to stream your favorite tunes throughout all of your spaces. You can program your smart audio to help you set your preferred scene for any occasion.

1. Say goodbye to your alarm clock.

Your alarm clock’s annoying noise isn’t the best way to begin the day. A whole home audio system can wake you up with your favorite song, gently coming through to your bedroom via the invisible speakers present in the walls. You can set your audio system to take this as a daily routine and you can integrate it with smart shading and lightning to slowly adjust the light, giving your eyes the chance to prepare for dawn.

2. Create your favourite night party scenes.

Yes, you have everything in place – the food, drinks and cakes, and now it’s party time! The only thing left to make things perfect is music. You can choose your perfect music just by touching a button on your smartphone or tablet. You can assign a separate playlist to each room, or select a unique playlist for each room, or choose a single set for the entire house. From the same device, you can set the music to be in sync with the atmosphere at any given time all night.

3. Enjoy your outdoor spaces.

You can take the quality home audio outdoor too. With the integration of weather and heat resistant speakers all over your outdoor spaces, you can enjoy your music at any location outside the house. How about setting your favorite music while taking a dip in the pool? Or set a perfect playlist for a summer picnic? You can do these and more – with all controls on your device.

4. Relax in your preferred listening room.

There is no better way to relax in the dead of the night than listening to your favorite playlist over a glass of your favorite wine. You can have the best listening experience coupled with a high-quality sound in your dedicated listening room.

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