Motorized window treatments offer convenience to your space. By harvesting innate daylight in different sophisticated styles. If integrated into your home’s automated system, Motorized Shades is capable of adding more convenience to your life, especially with the ability to control it using a smartphone or a tablet. Due to its increasing popularity, they as well bring extra values to your home or office space.

While Audio One can give you a total control of the normal lighting in your home, it can also control the natural lighting as well through our shading solutions with automated shades. Likewise, you can add attractiveness, comfort and energy efficiency to your home through remotely controlled automated shades.

8 Reasons to Get Motorized Window Shades

1. Convenience.

For homes with several large windows, it is going to be a tedious process to be opening and closing the shades and drapes manually. However, with a motorized window shade installed and integrated into a control system, just the press of a button is all you need to raise and lower them. Likewise, you can schedule them to open and close automatically according to your definition.

2. Security.

It gives outsiders the feeling that someone is in the house when your shades automatically move up and down all day. This is good for the security of your home. Most control systems allow the shades and the lights to operate randomly, as an undefined pattern offers a real, lived-in appearance for your home. Also, with automated shades, there is no chains or cord pulls that children or pets might play with, and which is not good for their safety.

3. Energy savings.

By covering your panes, you can stop heat from passing through your window during hot and sunny days. This makes your AC runs less and hence, less electric bills.

4. Protection of Art and Furniture.

With motorized shades, your fine furniture and art are prevented from being exposed to UV light. UV exposure is capable of making your upholstery fade over time, losing its properties in the process.

5. Style.

Getting shades into your preferred position can be tedious. However, once they are automated, you can enjoy a fluid movement to just the perfect sport you want. Perhaps you have a bank of windows, and you can make every shade align perfectly while moving them. As for draperies, there is no need to be using those rope pull cords again.

6. People Friendly.

Most window shades promote biophilic design, i.e., they reduce the glare and fatigue but maximizes the sunlight reaching them. Natural light, though usually used in filling a space, can become too bright at times. Hence, blocking it might be necessary. With innovations and advancements in motorized shades, it is now easier for designers to get a maximum balance of much-needed natural light and how to control it as and when due.

In addition to this, automated shades can serve as nature’s alarm clock. With Altex Shades, you can enjoy the feeling of waking up peacefully to the natural sunrise glow by gradually and automatically opening them in the morning and closing at sunset.

7. Privacy.

Your privacy is guaranteed with Altex Shades. They are just right for such places as your garden tub windows, windows present in you ceiling area or a featured stairwell niche. Where there are many windows and French doors, Altex shades can save you time, while adding more comfort. And with certain fabrics, you can enjoy a one-way weave, which blocks the visibility into your apartment without blocking you from seeing outside.

People in an office environment will find shades more beneficial in its ability to transform enclosed conference rooms into a place suitable for private meetings. In addition to their acoustic properties, they help in complying with privacy measures.

8. Improved outdoor living and enjoyment.

With its wide range of outdoor shading solutions, Altex Shades can control sunlight in several locations, as well as blocking bugs and insects. You can install bug screening and shades, such that it will only be visible when needed and can make your outdoor environment more safe and comfortable.

Automated or motorized Altex Shades offers the much-deserved convenience and comfort at your offices and residential homes. With our experienced team of experts, we will plan and install your Altex window shades Vaughan systems without any hassle. Altex motorized shades Toronto also gives you top-quality solar protection.

Choose Audio One’s skilled automated shades installers Toronto, and you will have your motorized shades right at your call, in addition to other extensive benefits.