Home Theatre

A comfortable, high-quality home theater is the perfect way to bring family and friends together, and it is a source of many hours of entertainment. At Audio One, we are passionate about creating home entertainment spaces that are personalized to suit our clients and their families. If you have made the decision to make one a part of your home, we are dedicated to making your dream become a reality. Using only the highest quality of brand names and products, we will ensure that the installation process is swift and efficient and that the end result exceeds your expectations.

Home Automation

We connect smart devices to work in unison, delivering a truly intelligent smart home experience that makes life more convenient, safe, and enjoyable.

Lighting Control

Imagine controlling your home’s entire lighting system from one convenient place. Audio One makes this possible with lighting control installations, where you can manage the lighting on your property from a wall-mounted keypad or even a device like your iPad or iPhone. With the touch of a button, you can create different moods with lighting, personalizing your space as the day goes by.

Not only can Audio One give you complete control of the conventional lighting in your home, but using our shading solutions, we can give you control of the natural lighting as well. Motorized window shades that are also remotely controlled can take your home’s attractiveness, comfort, and energy efficiency to a whole new level.

Whole House Audio

Audio One’s whole home audio installation services put the power of music in your hands. A quality music system brings the passion and emotion of music into your home, whether it is a single system that plays music throughout the house or a more elaborate system that will play different music throughout the home simultaneously. Our roots in music systems go back even further than Audio One, and very few competitors can match our expertise, product selection and passion for sound quality. We stake our reputation on it.

Choose Audio One to install your whole home audio system, and enjoy the luxury of complete audio control.

Automated Shades

Motorized Shades provide convenience and comfort that are ideal for all residential homes or offices. Our team of experts will plan and install your motorized window coverings systems that will help to create appealing and energy-efficient places to live and work.

Security and Surveillance

The protection of your family and home has never been such a large priority. Compared to a stand -alone security system, integrating your security system with your home automation system provides the extra level of security and convenience.

Audio One only uses top grade products such as HiKvision cameras. Hikvision is the world’s largest supplier of surveillance systems. Hikvision is also a Control 4 partner, thus integrated the camera’s with a Control 4 automation system is simple and reliable.

Integrating your Security System with your Home Automation System allows you to:

Utilize your lighting system in conjunction with the security system. For example, we can program your arrival to illuminate the path to your front entrance and deactivate your security system.

An “Away” scene can be programmed to open and close shades and program specific interior lights to illuminate while you are away from your home thus creating the appearance of someone being home.

Receive system notifications via text advising you when someone enters the home. if the garage door is left open, or when the security system has been deactivated.

View your security cameras worldwide through your iPhone or iPad device.

Allow you to arm or disarm your alarm when not home as well as automate the door locks to open or close on command, even from half way around the world.

Outdoor Living (Outdoor Lighting, TV& Audio)

Canadians understand the rigors of a long, cold winter and revel at the warmer summer season. This is the main reason, we love to extend our outdoor living as long as possible.

We believe outdoor living not only encompasses the pool, hot tub, firepits and the outdoor kitchens that are now so popular, but that outdoor sound, TV’s and lighting really enhance the outdoor experience.

Nothing can make a party or let you lay back and relax like a great outdoor sound system. We understand how to make that happen no matter your budget.

Outdoor lighting extends the mood into the evening and adds beauty as well as security and safety to your property.

From Sunbrite outdoor TV’s to Coastal Source outdoor lighting and music systems, we have many solutions to take the entertainment outside and really bolster your summer months at home.

Landscape Lighting

Beautiful properties need to be appreciated in the right lighting. Make sure that your landscaping can continue to be admired during the day and into the night by adding some illumination. At Audio One, we offer the highest quality of landscaping lighting and the most reliable service to accompany our products. By placing your vision in our hands, we will ensure that the result of our work is a flawless addition to your property.

Whether you’re looking for residential landscape lighting to show off the incredible details of your property, or you’re simply in need of some illumination for your commercial landscape, trust Audio One to provide you that service using passionate care and state-of-the-art technology.