• Your home network keeps changing everyday with more and more content and data being delivered to more and more devices.
  • 10 Years ago, you may have had 2 or 3 network connected devices
  • 5 years ago, you may have had 5 to 10 network connected devices
  • Today many homes have 20 to 30 devices connected, phones, I-pads, Apple TV's, streaming media boxes, printers, laptops, TV's and many more.
  • In the next 5 years you might have 50 to 100 network connected devices
  • The basic cable or DSL modem, router, and Wi-Fi base station that came when you ordered your Internet service simply was never designed to handle the ever-growing demands of today, let alone tomorrow. It's time to upgrade to something that's capable of the job.
  • We can add Wi-Fi repeaters to allow better coverage around your home, even outside.
  • We can improve the security of your network by using the latest technology
  • We can improve the speed of your network.