Even with the enormous comfort and convenience offered by smart home technologies, including convenience, energy savings, and better security, there is still a huge benefit that people hardly recognize. And that is the health benefits of smart home lighting.

You can conveniently control your entire smart home lighting system from any suitable place in your home, using the Control 4 lighting control. Audio One, a Control 4 Toronto authorized dealer, makes this possible with lighting control installations, giving you the ability to control the lighting options of your home from a wall-mounted keypad or devices like iPhone and iPad. Just touch a button and set different moods with lightning. Your personalization skills just got better.

Beef up your home security with Smart home lighting. You can emulate the effect of being home by switching your lights on and keeping it off when you are not around. Just a button on your device can set the lightning to welcome you on arrival into a dark home.


In addition to the fun and comfort offered, Smart home lighting can significantly contribute to your wellness. The human body needs light – for specific durations and at specific periods. Once that is affected, it also affects other things in your body. The findings of one of the interesting researched published in the revered Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism state that the overexposure of the body to some types of lightning and at the wrong time can cause an increase in the risk of type-2-diabetes, cancer, and high blood pressure. It also largely affect memory and mental well-being.


Hardly does our body move away from light. From fluorescent lightning to televisions, computer screens, games and mobile devices, there is light everywhere. And these lights are picked up as a lot of noise to our brain and Circadian Rhythm which regulates sleep and the hormones responsible for good health.


While a lot of people adopt the smart lighting system because of its offer of long-term energy savings, their presence can be very beneficial to your long-term wellbeing as well.

Top 6 Health Benefits of Smart Lighting.

1. Fewer injury incidents.

Injuries can be detrimental, even a couple of days away from normal can adversely affect people’s finances. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are more than 700,000 hospitalizations annually, with 20% coming in low light conditions. With smart lighting, you can avoid falls as users can turn on lightning from wherever they are from their phones. In the event where motion sensors are installed, movement can easily be detected, and hence light.

2. Enhanced circadian rhythm.

Present in all living things, the Circadian Rhythm is such a sensitive physiological process that should not be disrupted, else it can cause sleep disorders and additional health problems. Smart lighting and color changing bulbs can improve alertness with cool colors that will improve melatonin production, with warmer colored light which helps induce sleep.

3. Sound sleep.

A person who sleeps well will have an improved mental health and memory. The human body tends to get a better quality sleep during the evening hours with proper light that reduces lighting exposure.

4. Induces cortisol.

When you wake up to quality light, your body produces Cortisol better and ultimately improved mental alertness. Smart light will help you simulate dawn, and hence Cortisol secretion.

5. Lowered health risks.

Melatonin secretion can be reduced by the wrong kind of lighting at bad times, and can cause depression, cancer, type 2-diabetes, and high blood pressure.

6. Better mental health.

Lighting is one of the biggest emotional influencers. However, smart lighting is a tool that can be employed in the fight against such health challenges as depression, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and anxiety.