Commercial Project Gallery

Sleek nine screen videowall for downtown developer

Nine screen videowall custom fit into wall

Elegant videowall with multiple video inputs and internet connectivity

9 x 55" screen videowall

Beautiful showroom with nine screen videowall and two 55" touchscreens

Dual touchscreens mounted to appear as they are floating on wall

Massive 25 screen videowall with 55" screens for long term client

Three of the accompanying seven total touchscreens for same client

55” touchscreens mounted flush into the wall

All three of the 8 screen videowalls were spaced and images sequenced between to change as clients walk by

Dual projector image seemed together to create an extra wide image

Dual projector image seemed together to create an extra wide image

Custom sized 3 x 5 videowall with touchscreens mounted on either side

Custom 3 x 2 videowall for this downtown developer

Ceiling mounted touchscreen

Custom sized 4 x 3 videowall seamlessly installed into the wall

Videowall where image changes as clients press info buttons on site plan

Custom size 4 x 3 videowall with four 75" touchscreens. Content changeable by app

Four 75" touchscreen show builder floor plans

Clean touchscreen install

Rooftop outdoor theatre for this Yorkville condo

Gallery of touchscreens

Touchscreen mounted into cabinet to serve as virtual site plan

Condo theatre room

Twenty five screen videowall in original location before moved to new builder showroom