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Brand Model Description List Price Our Price Images
linn logo

Exotic Pre Amp

Great Analog Pre amp with phono stage, really good shape, black


 yamaha logo


Very nice, black, power amp with 125wpc x 2



A pair of Mono Blocks, in really good condition, boxes, manuals, etc. Classic amps at 250 watts each, so lots of power and control.


S-1550 x 5

Krell power amp, in black, 150wpc



linn logo

Majik DSM

Integrated amp, with streamer, phone, digital, HDMI, analogue, 100wpc.



510 M

The Classic Amp, old school look, sounds great and in really good shape with 250 wpc



Pre Amp in great shape, sub out, with crossover control, great value



cyrus logo


A what HIFI best CD player, sounds great, mint condition.




Anthem Home Theater Receiver, ARC, 5.1 DTS-MA, DDHD 




Full analog Pre amp, nice and smooth sounding, silver face plate, in great shape, w/remote.


linn logo


Classic Linn Pre amp, with Kudos Tuner built, great shape, black



Bryston logo


Like new, in silver, mint, one of better sounding streamers, will not last long. 



linn logo

C5100 AMP

5 Channel 100wpc, amp, black, great shape, sounds great, small, and light. Switch power so plugs it in any where in the world.



rotel logo


250 wpc x 5, Class D, great condition, no heat, great sound