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Brand Model Description List Price Our Price Images
Aries USA made, Current Integrated amp with 200wpc in black, touch screen control, wow, at this price $4500.00 $1899.99
 yamaha logo


Very nice, black, power amp with 125wpc x 2

 AVR-5800  Denon flagship Receiver, 170wpc x 7 lots of video and audio switching  $4999.99  $599.99
 MCA-20  Power Amp with 225wpc x 2, in great shape, black  $2299.99  $1199.99
AVM-50v 3d Anthem’s Pre/Pro in excellent condition, black, I have the box

and all accessories. Really a fantastic performer, 3d capable

Full video processing, up converting all your video inputs

To 1080P.  DTSMA, DDHD etc

$8499.99 $1399.99
RX-A3060 One of the Top Yamaha models, RX-A3060 is top of the Advantage

series, 4k, 2.2, Dolby Atmos 9.2, what else is there. Nothing new

since this beast came out. Really top of the game receiver.

$2699.99 $1800.00

cyrus logo


A “what HIFI” best CD player 2017, sounds great, mint condition, Black.




Anthem Home Theater Receiver, ARC, 5.1 DTS-MA, DDHD 


BDP-1 Bryston BDP-2 network streamer, sound is great, in Black, Bryston app or you can use Roon, add a Bryston Dac and that is one high end source. $2899.99 $799.99

linn logo


Classic Linn Pre amp, with Kudos Tuner built, great shape, black


BDP-1 Digital Network Streamer, two units just came in, one in Black, one in Silver, both 17″ faceplate Sounds like BDP-2 or 3, add a Dac and WOW $2499.99 $799.99

linn logo

C5100 AMP

5 Channel 100wpc, amp, black, great shape, sounds great, small, and light. Switch power so plugs it in any where in the world.


Bryston logo BHA-1 Bryston BHA-1 headphone amp, balanced outputs, silver 17″ A steal at this price, in mint condition. $1999.99 $1099.99