How To Add An Outdoor Audio System To Your Patio
How To Add An Outdoor Audio System To Your Patio

Summer in Toronto is too short for our liking; naturally, we feel the need to make the most out of it. We would love to spend as much time outdoors as possible, be it a barbecue with friends and family or a swim with the kids. Why not add your favourite music to the mix? With an outdoor audio system from Audio One, you can play music as you get your grill on! Follow these 3 steps for a great sounding outdoor audio system for your patio.

Choose equipment based on your need

For great sound, you need great speakers that are built for all weather conditions. We at Audio One only suggest the best; our brands include Coastal Source, Bowers & Wilkins and Paradigm. The bollard speakers or bullet speakers from Coastal Source, the rock monitor or garden oasis from Paradigm and the outdoor/marine collection from Bowers & Wilkins blend perfectly well with their surrounding areas, produce high-quality audio and are built to last. Connect these speakers to a wireless audio system and you can control your music straight from your smartphone or tablet. Go ahead and stream! Get an outdoor TV set from SunBriteTV and you can even catch all the sporting action in the comfort of your backyard.

Incorporate it into your whole home audio system

Linking your outdoor speakers to your whole home audio system will give you reliable, high-quality sound. This allows you to connect your speakers to your television, CD player, turntable or other streaming devices without the need of moving them outdoors. That way they stay safe indoors while you soak up the sun and continue enjoying your music.

Get professional installation for best results

With professional installation services, you are guaranteed to get the best out of your purchase. Deciding where to place the speakers and how many speakers are required can be a tricky decision. This all depends on how you plan to use your system. We suggest multiple speakers and facing these speakers towards your home. Having multiple speakers lets you evenly distribute the sound so it is not too loud in one area and too low in another. As well it sounds better and more even at lower volumes so you don’t have to bother the neighbours. Creating distinct audio zones lets you adjust the volume for certain areas separately.

Contact Audio One for all your outdoor audio needs.

This is why whole-home audio is the future.
This is why whole-home audio is the future.

Are you still turning up the volume in the living room so you can hear the music in your bedroom? Say hello to whole-home audio.

1.Uninterrupted Music

Whole-home audio systems allow you to move to any room in your home without missing a beat. A Control 4 Home automation system can be the centrepiece of your whole home audio or coupled with smart audio systems like Sonos Play 5 and Sonos Playbar it lets you enjoy high-quality audio in every room, be it the living room, kitchen or even the bathroom. If needed, you could even choose to play the audio across all rooms at the same time.

2. Start Your Day On Point.

Your alarm clock’s irritating sound isn’t the best way to start the day. A whole home-audio system can wake you up with your desired song or radio station, played via the invisible speakers located in the walls or the ceiling.

3. Concealed Speakers

As opposed to requiring massive, bulky speakers in each room, current whole-home audio systems are intended to fit discretely into your home without making any extra interruption to your beautiful decor. Choose from the ceiling, in wall or bookshelf speakers.

4. Enjoy The Outdoors

Having a short summer means you want to make the most of it by relaxing around the pool or spending time with the family in the backyard. Now take the music outdoors along with you. With the integration of weather and heat resistant speakers like Paradigm outdoor speakers and Coastal Source Bollard speakers all over your outdoor spaces, you can enjoy your music at any location outside the house. Outdoor audio systems are intended to provide excellent music quality for your outdoor spaces.

5. Host Great House Parties.

Control the music straight from your smartphone or tablet. Set separate playlists for each room, or choose a single playlist for the whole house. From the same device, you can set the music to be in sync with the smart home lighting and automated shades at any given time all night.

6. Unwind In Your Desired Listening Room.

There is no better way to unwind after a long day at work, than listening to your favourite songs over a glass of wine. You can have the best listening experience coupled with high-quality audio wherever you feel comfortable that day.


These are just a few great reasons to consider investing in a whole-home audio system. We at Audio One, will not only suggest you the best audio systems for your need but we will customize the set to fit right into your beautiful homes or commercial spaces. Audio One is a recognized Home Automation Toronto company, and we are official Paradigm dealers, Control 4 dealers and Control 4 Installers.


Gifting ideas for Father’s Day!
Gifting ideas for Father’s Day!

Unsure of what to gift your dad this Father’s Day? Stop stressing and head on over to Audio One, we’ve got that perfect item to add to his entertainment collection. Audio One has a fantastic selection of products, plus you don’t have to worry about installation. Audio One installs home theatre, home automation, security & surveillance and outdoor audio & lighting products. We can guarantee you; your dad will definitely love these gifts.

Top 5 gifts for Dads this Father’s Day


LG has taken televisions to a whole new level with their latest LG 8 series OLED TVs. This TV is equipped with artificial intelligence and has the Google assistant built in. You can now have your TV at the centre of your smart home. Get ultimate picture quality thanks to LG’s a9 Intelligent Processor. Whether your dad loves movies or sports or both, rest assured your dad will surely love watching this TV.


Handmade headphones brought to you by the Grado family, since 1953 are made from Mahogany wood, which is cured to ensure consistency and great sound. In order to prevent corrosion on connectors, the Grado family uses Rhodium, the most expensive precious metal found on earth. These beautiful, classic headphones produce a clean and premium sonic experience.


Sonos has made it really simple to build your own whole-home audio system. Enjoy high-quality sound throughout your house; you can even set these up in the bathroom or outdoor areas. Control the music either through the Sonos App or use voice control thanks to the built-in Amazon Alexa feature. The future of home audio is here.


With the outdoor TV, dad will never have to choose between a backyard BBQ with the family or game nights with the boys. This is a great addition to the patio. Rain, sun or snow the TV stays protected thanks to SunBriteTV’s powder coated aluminium case. Get 4K Ultra HD picture quality and 30% brighter pictures even though its outdoors.


Upgrade dad’s old amplifier to the latest receivers or amplifiers from Anthem. To make the deal even sweeter, bring in that old equipment and receive 20% off. The new STR Integrated Amplifier is the most technologically advanced amplifier giving you more power, control and connection options. Our experts at Audio One will help you choose the right product based on your needs.

How to Find the Right Smart Home Installation Company for You
How to Find the Right Smart Home Installation Company for You

The tides are changing and when it comes to smart home installation; it is evident that the future is already here.


The term ‘smart home’ is no longer hype. Today, consumers are being confronted with home automation systems that offer a higher level of convenience compared to antiquated modes of control such as handheld remotes.

Thanks to new automated systems, the ability to control anything is right at the customer’s fingertips. Often, customers do not even need to press any buttons much to the delight of many consumers. Aside from helping to control the TV, home automated systems can also be used for a number of other applications including controlling lights, security devices, lawn sprinklers, thermostats, as well as motorized window treatments and much more. As the technology continues to grow, home automated systems of the future are expected to make life a whole lot easier.

Ten years ago, the idea of controlling your home remotely via a home automated system would have been unfathomable but it is clear that these automated systems are not going anywhere anytime soon.

In fact, the artificial intelligence technology that makes devices smart continues to grow by leaps and bounds, and this year holds even more promise for more advanced automated systems to enter the market. Whether you need to tech up your space with a smart coffee machine or something else entirely, the advantages of smart home installation include:


The convenience factor supplied by various home automation applications is considerable. All the technology in your home can be controlled through a single interface, home automation applications allow you to tap into countless functions throughout your home. Depending on the parameters set by the professional smart home installer, individuals can keep their spaces comfortable while being mindful of the energy use.

Maximized security

When you incorporate smart security and surveillance technology such as smart locks, motion detectors and automated door locks in your home, your home security can be heightened and you can be able to monitor events in real time even when you are across the globe. When the security parameters work hand in hand with home automated systems, customers can and will enjoy an even higher level of security.

Improved functionality

Because automated applications make traditional devices function a lot better, functionality in the home and the ability to seamlessly execute mundane tasks such as cooking dishes to perfection will be improved significantly. Home automated systems also help users to keep tabs on everything that is happening at home so that they can respond appropriately whenever necessary.

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