Audio One is celebrating our 29th year in business and will be holding a series of exciting manufacturer events and sales days (please SEE OUR BLOG for actual events and times). We are so thankful for 29 great years and have witnessed and withstood huge change in our industry. One thing that has remained constant is our dedication and passion for the industry and our clients. We have stayed true to our initial company mantra, which was and is to educate and inform people about audio/video and to supply and install the finest music and movie systems regardless of price. We have taken that even further with our early adoption of home installations and home automation and have also added a full service digital signage division and commercial installations catering to developers and builders. After 29 fun years the one thing I can say that has changed is our hair colour and waistlines, but seriously we promise to keep having fun with it, in order to make audio/video fun for you. Hope to see you soon <>