It's time to celebrate with our many event days featuring Factory Direct Special Pricing and plenty of new, exciting products. It's also an ideal opportunity to learn about the latest technology direct from manufacturer representatives. Did we mention it's a great time to Save Big.

Saturday, October 25th - BRYSTON and KIMBER CABLE DAY - New Bryston products and speakers will be on display as well as demonstrations of the difference Kimber Cables can make.

Saturday, November 1st - Home Automation Made Easy with Control 4 - Control 4 rep's will be on hand to explain how easy and affordable home automation can be today.

Saturday, November 8th - LINN, PMC and CYRUS DAY - Our Linn Sweet Streams Event will allow you first hand to see the versatility and hear the performance of Linn's Digital music streamers. As well, music demo's of PMC Twenty series and Cyrus electronics will be on-going.

Saturday, November 15th - B&W, ROTEL, CLASSE AUDIO and AUDIOQUEST DAY - The premier of the new B&W CMs2 series speakers, Classe' Audio's new, more affordable Sigma series consisting of a surround pre-amp and two new power amplifiers. New products from Rotel and of course great demonstrations of the difference Audioquest audio, video and power cables can make .

Saturday, November 22nd - PARADIGM, ANTHEM and YAMAHA DAY - The launch of the new Paradigm Prestige series speakers along with great demo's and pricing on all Paradigm speaker, Anthem and Yamaha receivers

Hope to see you during our Anniversary Events