The protection of your family and home has never been such a large priority. Compared to a stand -alone security system, integrating your security system with your home automation system provides the extra level of security and convenience.

Audio One only uses top grade products such as HiKvision cameras. Hikvision is the world’s largest supplier of surveillance systems. Hikvision is also a Control 4 partner, thus integrated the camera’s with a Control 4 automation system is simple and reliable.

Integrating your Security System with your Home Automation System allows you to:

Utilize your lighting system in conjunction with the security system. For example, we can program your arrival to illuminate the path to your front entrance and deactivate your security system.

An “Away” scene can be programmed to open and close shades and program specific interior lights to illuminate while you are away from your home thus creating the appearance of someone being home.

Receive system notifications via text advising you when someone enters the home if the garage door is left open, or when the security system has been deactivated.

View your security cameras worldwide through your iPhone or iPad device. Allow you for arming or disarm your alarm when not home as well as automate the door locks to open or close on command, even from half way around the world.